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Author. Speaker. Relationship Expert.

Jenna McCarthy is the author of more than a dozen
funny books for kids and adults, as well as a popular
keynote speaker at events across the country.
Haven’t seen her TED talk? What’s wrong with you?

“A first-rate storyteller.” ~Jane Heller, NYT bestselling author

“Blunt, truthful and dead-on hilarious.” ~Jen Lancaster, NYT bestselling author

“At once profane, irreverent, warm and wise… Brilliant!” ~Celia Rivenbark, NYT bestselling author

“An amazingly gifted chronicler of modern life.” ~W. Bruce Camerom, NYT bestselling author

“Clever and irreverent.” ~Janet Evanovich, NYT bestselling author

“A laugh-out-loud ride!” ~Jill Smokler, NYT bestseller

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My Books

Maggie Malone Gets The Royal Treatment 2017-04-24T16:15:15+00:00
I’ve Still Got It… I Just Can’t Remember Where I Put It: Awkwardly True Tales from the Far Side of Forty 2015-07-07T18:16:42+00:00
If It Was Easy They’d Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon: Living With and Loving the TV-Addicted, Sex-Obsessed, Not-So-Handy Man You Married 2017-04-24T19:42:01+00:00
The Parent Trip: From High Heels and Parties to Highchairs and Potties 2017-04-24T16:16:48+00:00
Maggie Malone and the Mostly Magical Boots (by Jenna McCarthy and Carolyn Evans) 2017-04-24T19:58:22+00:00
Tea Parties for Dads: A Crash Course in Daughters for New Fathers 2017-04-24T19:52:38+00:00
Big Rigs for Moms: A Crash Course in Sons for New Mothers 2017-04-24T20:00:55+00:00
Cheers to the New Mom!/Cheers to the New Dad! Tips and Tricks to Help You Ace the First Months of Parenthood 2017-04-24T20:02:59+00:00
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