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OYTACC: Day 75 (brown yoga tee)

Nestled in the middle of The Many Things That Make Me Quirky list--right there between having to walk on the left side of anyone to only drinking hot coffee through a straw--is the matter of sleeves. Apparently I have more opinions about sleeves than most people have about politics. I don't like them puffy, or [...]

2017-05-24T09:02:52+00:00 0 Comments

OYTACC: Day 73 (Costco sweater)

I'm just going to jump right in here and tell you that today's dump is a sweater that I BOUGHT AT COSTCO. Yup, apparently I thought that the same place where I stockpile my toilet paper and meatless chicken nuggets and organic ground beef AND MY CAR TIRES FOR FUCK'S SAKE would be a great place [...]

2017-05-24T10:02:46+00:00 0 Comments

OYTACC: Day 72 (peep-toe pumps)

Remember how I told you about the many, many years I sacrificed sanity and comfort for fashionable feet? How I'd walk miles to work uphill in the snow both ways in my stilettos? These little lovelies might be from that era. I would legit rather walk on LEGOs. I loved the embossed [...]

2017-05-24T09:10:42+00:00 0 Comments

OYTACC: Day 71 (top with a tail)

Oh dear. I'm already cringing at the famous-fashion-editor-friend backlash on this one, and the thing is, I'd be a liar if I told you this was the only top I bought in this particular style. You know the one: the front seems innocent and innocuous enough, with it's fake-wraparound draping and deep V neck... [...]

2017-05-21T09:11:52+00:00 0 Comments
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