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One year to a clean closet: Day 11 (BACKLESS halter)

If you picked up on that giant BACKLESS shouting at you from the title, you probably know where this is going. Quick: When an item of clothing does not contain a back, what does this mean, say, with specific regards to undergarments? Anyone? Yes! You with the south-facing nipples! You are correct--you cannot wear a BRA with it!!! Now, [...]


One year to a clean closet: Day 8 (Izod tee)

If I had to describe my personal style, I guess I'd call it Anything but Preppy. I adore over-the-knee boots, swoon over leather leggings, and nothing makes me giddier than piling on six or seven obnoxiously sparkly necklaces. I was the only seventh grader in my class who didn't carry a wooden-handled Pappagallo purse, and if [...]


One year to a clean closet: Day 7 (cashmere wrap)

I didn't have a single allergy growing up. Pollen, dander, dust mites, mold, peanuts, tree nuts, bee stings, gluten? Bring 'em on. I could literally bury my face in a pile of dust without emitting a single sneeze. Something happened when I got pregnant, though (in addition to my already gargantuan feet growing yet another [...]