One time, at band camp…

A whole entire book for less than the price of a latte!

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If you're pregnant, thinking about maybe trying to get pregnant, or have already gone [...]

A(nother) Letter to My Children’s Stepmom

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So there’s this syrupy “letter to my daughter’s stepmom” making the internet rounds that I feel [...]


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So when your friend the BESTSELLING AUTHOR and all around awesome chick Allison Winn Scotch asks [...]

Treat Him Like a Dog (and other tips for marital bliss)

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You smile at strangers on the street, praise your kids for every scribbled stick person [...]

Fantasy Camp (Or, shit we WISH they offered)

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When I was a kid and summer rolled around, my parents’ “plans” for me could [...]

I dedicate my new book to YOU!

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Well, if you come up with the perfect title, that is. Here's the deal... I [...]

THE SNARK REPORT: Man Denies Ever Admitting He Was Wrong

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    BROADVILLE, MD - When Carolyn and Richard Little of Broadville, MD, finally saved [...]

April Fools Can SUCK IT.

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Tonight my kids were all fired up talking about all of the fun April Fools [...]

Oh no you DIDN’T.

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Divorce is not funny at all. Except when I write about it. Which is what [...]

I wrote a new book. I think you’ll like it.

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Like all of my books, it has an impossibly long title which I get REALLY [...]

Appearances & Interviews

1911, 2012

Ambushed by K-Kar

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So I go on the TODAY show to talk about how universal our marital gripes are. Then Khloe jumps in with her my-famous-seven-foot-husband-eats-chocolate-in-his-sleep-and-drools-all-over-our-custom-sheets story, which really helped [...]

1911, 2012

Holy shit. (Literally.)

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Just digging through my archives to update my media page and found these interviews with the fabulous, hilarious Mark Gungor. Mark happens to be a pastor, so [...]