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1911, 2012

Ambushed by K-Kar


So I go on the TODAY show to talk about how universal our marital gripes are. Then Khloe jumps in with her my-famous-seven-foot-husband-eats-chocolate-in-his-sleep-and-drools-all-over-our-custom-sheets story, which really helped […]

1611, 2012

She *may* have thought she was booking that OTHER McCarthy.


Here’s me chatting with the lovely Tamara Dorris about peeing husbands, dermal babies, marital denial and Harry Potter’s dirty, depraved secret. Tune in at about 28:40…


509, 2012

I said BUCKING, okay?


Loved doing this Spreecast with the super-fun gals at Tales from the Crib! (Spoiler: There’s s-e-x talk… and a nice little plug for my BFF Carolyn Evan’s […]