What is important when choosing a shower head? Everyone knows that a shower head is an important element of a comfortable everyday life. The shower head must not only match the design of your bathroom, be of a high quality, but also be convenient and efficient. When making choice of the shower head you should pay attention not only to the nozzle, but also to the way the shower head is mounted to the wall.

An average shower head can be made of plastic, metal (brass) or both material being combined. On the one hand, a metal shower head can be more reliable in service, but falling from almost two-meter height, it can cause considerable damage to your bath. That is way, nowadays an imitation of the chrome surface becomes more popular – metal surface is in fact a covered plastic. Such shower heads don’t weight too much, but are easily damaged under the influence of abrasive or caustic cleaning agents, and may eventually darken.

Shower heads have different modifications and additional options:

• An ordinary single shower head with a simple water flow. It is usually mounted on the wall.

• Rain shower head, which imitates drops of falling rain. Its distinction is rather wide surface with water that falls evenly from all holes.

• Handheld shower head which is believed to be more flexible and convenient in comparison to other ones.

• A shower head with a massage option can help you to relax after a hard daily work, reduce muscle pain, etc.

• A low flow shower head will help you to reduce the waste of water up to 40-50 percent, which is especially important today.

• High-pressure shower head will provide you with a good pressure of water, increasing the water flow.