One year to a clean closet: Day 35 (metallic mini)

///One year to a clean closet: Day 35 (metallic mini)

One year to a clean closet: Day 35 (metallic mini)

Way back on Day 5 of this little adventure, I had a little come-to-Jesus with myself about age-appropriate dressing. Then just this past week I realized my beloved London sweatshirt was meant to be worn by someone roughly 1/3 of my age. Still, I’m on the fence about this Joe’s Jeans micro-mini.

I sort of love this skirt. It’s made out of this waxy silver denim that’s crazy soft and sits six inches beneath my bellybutton the way I like a skirt to sit and if I didn’t have children to humiliate I would probably wear it without giving it another thought. But I love my kids a lot, and even though I’d love to sock-it-to-’em like Barbara Eden in Harper Valley PTA*, if my mom had been walking around wearing a silver miniskirt when I was in junior high I would have followed through on one of my many threats to run away.

One of my very first running-away-from-home notes. It killed me to use my GOOD DENIM STATIONERY, but it had to be done.

Therefore, this one has to go. [*Scratches mom wore silver micro-miniskirts off Reasons My Kids Will Need Therapy list*]


*This was literally my favorite movie as a kid OMG I AM SO OLD.

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  1. Vicky April 17, 2017 at 6:26 am - Reply

    Keep it. Hide it. This is one of those time capsule pieces. Your girls will someday cherish this skirt because it brings back memories of their hot mom who embarrassed them by wearing a silver mini in front of their friends.

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